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Important information for housing seekers - Tips on safer renting

1. The landlord

Ask for the landlord’s full name, address, and personal identity number. Make sure that the address of exists and that the landlord is registered at that address in the Swedish Tax Agency’s population register.


2. The rental property

Go to a viewing – Ask to see the apartment or room before you make your decision. If you are unable to go see it yourself, you can always ask someone you trust to go instead, or request a digital viewing.

Reasonable rent – According to the Swedish Tenancy Act, the rent must be reasonable. You can, for example, compare the suggested rent with similar objects. When it comes to subletting, the rent must not be higher than what the primary tenant pays to the landlord. If you suspect the rent to be too high, you can contact Hyresnämnden, the Rent and Tenancy Tribunal in Sweden, whose task is to mediate in tenancy disputes.

Consent for subletting – If you are planning to rent as a subtenant, you should always make sure the primary tenant has a written consent for subletting from the landlord or housing association. You can contact the property owner or housing association yourself to make sure a permission to sublet exists. A consent for subletting is not needed if only a part of the apartment is rented out, for example a room, and the primary tenant still lives in the apartment.


3. Sign a rental agreement

Once you have found a home, it is important that you and your landlord sign a rental agreement. You should agree on the terms before you move in. In connection with the signing of the agreement, both parties should show their ID documents to verify their identity. This provides security for both parties.

Rental agreements and agreement templates


Other tips for safer renting

Rent payments – Never pay anything until you have seen the home, signed a rental agreement and received the keys. Make sure to always save the receipt for a paid rent.

Home insurance – A home insurance is always recommended, even if you are not the primary tenant. This is because you are not normally covered by your landlord’s home insurance.


Avoid scammers

Unfortunately, there are those who try to take advantage of a tough housing situation by trying to scam those who are looking for a home. We work actively to prevent scammers from advertising on the Hemma portal, but it is important that you pay attention to avoid getting in trouble.

Usual warning signs

·         The landlord does not want to give you their full name and personal identity number.

·         The landlord is abroad and not able to show the apartment.

·         Demands for large deposit sums in advance.

·         Payment is requested to be made through Western Union, or to a foreign bank account.

·         The landlord is pushing to close the deal quickly.


If you have been a victim of a fraud, you should always report it to the Police. It is also important for us at Hemma to be informed of fake or unscrupulous landlords so that we can stop them and warn others.

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