For prospective landlords

Important information for prospective landlords - tips on a safer renting

1. Consent for subletting

If you live in a rental apartment or housing cooperative, a written consent is required from your landlord/housing cooperative, for you to be allowed to sublet your apartment to someone else. Subletting without consent is considered illegal and can lead to you losing the home. If you rent out part of your home while you still live in it, your tenant is considered a lodger, which normally does not require the landlord’s consent.


2. Resonable rent

According to the Swedish Tenancy Act, the rent must be reasonable – not higher than what you pay yourself to your landlord. If the apartment or room is furnished, you can add an additional furniture fee. The furniture fee depends on how much furniture and equipment is included, but it must not exceed 15% of the rent. Additional charges for electricity, water and broadband must not exceed their actual costs. If you charge an unreasonable rent, you risk being convicted of a crime. The penalty can be a fine, or, in serious cases, imprisonment for up to two years. You may also have to pay back the part that exceeds a reasonable rent for up to two years back. If you rent out a home that you own, the Private Rental Act applies, and the rent is based on capital cost and operation cost.


3. Sign a rental agreement

Once you have found a tenant, it is important that you sign a rental agreement that contains all the terms of the tenancy. When signing the agreement, both parties should show their ID documents to verify their identity. It is also recommended to make a list of any defects and damages, and to draw an inventory list. This provides security for both parties.

Rental agreement and agreement templates


Other tips for safer renting

Choice of tenant – To avoid rogue tenants, you can, for example, ask for previous references and amount of income.

Home insurance – Your home insurance usually does not cover a subtenant or a lodger. For full protection of your property, you should therefore ensure that your tenant takes out their own home insurance.

Rent payments – To protect yourself from a payment default record, you should always pay the rent to your landlord yourself. The subtenant must therefore pay rent to you, not to the landlord.

Security of tenure – If the rental period continues for more than two years, the subtenant achieves the right to security of tenure over the primary tenant. To avoid this, you can sign an agreement where the subtenant waives their right to security of tenure.

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