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Rental agreements

It is important that a rental agreemnt is establish between the landlord and the tenant, so that both parties can feel secure.

There are several things that should be included in a rental agreement; personal information and contacts for both parties, information about the rental object, monthly rent, rental period, notice period and other details such as fursnishing. When signing the agreement, both parties should show their ID documents to verify their identity.


There are three types of rental agreements that may apply:

First hand - This option is mainly used by housing companies, but can also be relavant if you own the house you are renting out.

Second hand - This option applies if you have a first hand contract or live in a hosuing association. For this option, a written consent is required from the landlord or the hosuing association.

Lodger - This option applies if you rent out part of your hom while still living in it.


Agreement templates in English

Rental agreement for subletting

Rental agreement for lodger



Before the start date of the rental agreement, both parties are recommended to meet in the apartment and make a joint list of any defects and damages. It is also recommended to make an intentory list. Both parties will benefit from this in order to avoid conflicts regarding resposibility at the end of the rental period.


Appendice templates in English

Furniture and inventory list

Damages and defects in the property


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